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My Family Tree - Submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace

Last Modified: May 2 2017
Jul 26 2011

IndividualListA few months ago I blogged about my plans to create a Windows Phone application based on my Family Tree Research hobby.

Well after a 5 month delay I finally submitted the first version of the application to the Windows Phone Marketplace today.  I have made a few changes since my initial Blog Post.  The most obvious change is that I added support for multiple GEDCOM files.  The reason for this change was mainly for performance reasons. 

My research database contains upwards of 1200 individuals, and downloading, parsing and serializing a file of 1200 records takes about 30 seconds so by supporting multiple files on the phone would allow my to split my research data into multiple smaller files.

I also spent some time adding some graphics, which I created from public domain images on the web.

Hopefully, I will hear in a few days whether my submission has been approved. 

When that that happens I will provide some detail on how the application can be used, to carry your family tree research with you.


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