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Lessons Learned

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Last Modified: May 2 2017
Oct 21 2015

Last week I posted an article on my Blog announcing that I was no longer working at DNN Corp.  As I usually do after posting a new blog I shared that on Twitter and Facebook.

Within about 10-15 minutes, I started getting Twitter DMs and comments on my Facebook post that my site was down.

As this site is hosted on Windows Azure, I logged into my management portal and Azure was saying that I had exceeded my quota and that the site would be restored once my the quota period (1 hr) was up.  Not wanting to wait for that 1 hr to be up, I scaled up my site from Shared to Basic and restarted the server.

The lesson learned was that I should have checked the scale I was using before I posted something which would likely be followed by quite a few people.


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