IndividualListA few months ago I blogged about my plans to create a Windows Phone application based on my Family Tree Research hobby.

Well after a 5 month delay I finally submitted the first version of the application to the Windows Phone Marketplace today.  I have made a few changes since my initial Blog Post.  The most obvious change is that I added support for multiple GEDCOM files.  The reason for this change was mainly for performance reasons. 

Jul 26 2011

IndividualListRegular readers of this blog will realize that, in addition to my interest in .NET programming, I am also an amateur genealogist

Many times, over the last few years I have tried to combine the two – which is demonstrated by a codeplex project I created a couple of years ago.  However, work, family and my inability to stick to a plan have gotten in the way of completing something usable.

Feb 20 2011

WindowsPhoneEmulatorMy Samsung Focus finally arrived a couple of weeks ago (see Windows Phone 7 – Where are you?), now I am just waiting for my Developer Registration to be approved so I can “Developer Unlock” the phone.

As a .NET developer the cool thing about the Windows Phone 7 platform is that it uses a programming paradigm that I am familiar with.  Regular applications for the phone are built in Silverlight while games are built with the XNA Framework, both of which are part of the .NET Framework.

Dec 22 2010


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