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And God Wept

My wife and I are members of the Anglican Church of Canada.  Moreover, my wife is an ordained Deacon in the Church, and today she drew the short straw - it was her turn to preach.  She had prepared her sermon on Wednesday, as she was planning to spend Friday - her normal sermon prep day - on a day out shopping with a friend.  Given the events in Connecticut, she realized it needed a significant rewrite - Friday’s events were not something you could ignore.  Eileen does not have a blog so I asked if I could reproduce it here on my Blog.  And here it is in its entirety.

Dec 16 2012

If Now is not the Time - When Is?

I don’t usually write about non-technical stuff on this blog, but today is not a normal day.  Today, tragedy struck a small community in Connecticut as 20 children aged 5-10 yrs. old and at least 6 adults were tragically killed by what appears, at the time of writing, to be a lone gunman armed with an assault rifle- not a shut-gun that could be used for hunting or even a pistol but an assault rifle - and at least 2 other guns.

Dec 14 2012


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